Kirah Co


Passion. People. Problemsolving. 

The key to  Anna´s work, is a people-centric approach to innovation, service design, leadership and organisational change.  

As a Design anthropologist and psychologist, Anna Kirah creates meaningful, relevant, and valuable solutions through understanding people´s motivations and expectations.   



Anna Kirah tailors her talks to meet the needs of your audience.  Some of her most popular talks are:  

  • A people-centered approach to innovation 
  • What we can learn from a local train service: a people-centric approach to services
  • Avoiding the apocalypse: Consequences of a strong focus on the digital transformation and technologies.  What about humanity?  

Workshops/seminars/master classes 

Anna Kirah tailors workshops, seminars and masterclasses based on your needs

  • Insight work
  • Co-creation 
  • A people-centered approach to:
    • service design
    • innovation
    • organisational change
    • leadership

Coaching and mentoring    

Anna Kirah can be brought in as a coach or mentor, especially for projects or teams that are having challenges.  She works with people so they are able to solve challenges and problems both now and in the future.   


Project hire

Anna Kirah can work on projects that deal with insight, co-creation, change management, innovation processes, service design, etc.     


Do you want to learn something new?  Do you want to have an "A-HA" experience within your organisation?  Du you need your organisation to understand your strategy?  Does your organisation need new insight and new perspectives?  Anna Kirah will take you on an Insight Safari.